Mona Lucero

Come to my talk on 60’s Fashion, “What We Wore”, at History Colorado, Wed April 8th @7:00pm!

60's fashion

Come to my talk on ’60’s fashion! For the first time, at least in a major way, street style influenced high fashion. In turn, high fashion reinterpreted street style and passed it back down. Everyday people wore many of the style trends and consciously used them to convey who they were; what they stood for; their politics; their sexuality; their lifestyle… They even crossed gender lines in a public way. Fashion was both convention and rebellion, the Generation Gap personified. Everyday people looked hip. What did YOU, friends, or family wear back then?

We invite you to bring photos or clothes from that era. A prize will be awarded for whoever brings the best photo or actual clothing or accessory. Think these categories; What’s Your Bag” (for accessories), “Flower Power” (hippie or floral inspiration), “Psychedelic”, “Fickle Finger of Fate” (So bad, it’s good – or a complete fad type of item), or “Sock It To Me” (uber-mod). We’re open – it just needs to be cool, man.

Post your photos here, too! Would love to see what you’ve got in your archives!

Come early to buy tickets at the door ($10):

History Colorado
1200 Broadway
Denver, CO 80203

For the Love of My Site – It Now Has a New Look!

Happy Valentine’s Day! I’m so excited that my site has a new look. Thank you for all the work you’ve done to put this together, Brett Blevins of Claro Systems! It’s been a journey and now, onto the next destination…to be announced soon. Speaking of le grand amour, I thought I would share photos of the fashion icons I love so much, Issey Miyake, Diana Vreeland, Franco Moschino and Elsa Schiaparelli. xo, Mona

Photoshoot with Kylie K.

Kylie K. wearing one of my latest dresses. This design is based on a dress that my mother wore when I was a child. The V-neck was in the front at the time, and she wore it with black pointed heels. Thanks, Kylie, for such beautiful work.