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Imagine 2020 Arts Initiative is Being Launched. My dress was a very small part.

Imagine 2020 with Mayor Hancock

This morning, Mayor Hancock presented the Imagine 2020 arts initiative and model Jasmine Hicks wearing one of my dress designs, walked up the aisle and gave him a bound copy of it. What an honor!

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Mona Lucero 2Be in 2nd Annual Westword Whiteout Fashion Show


Luxury is needing nothing more than a pencil, a piece of paper, and a place to sleep. – Pierre Cardin

J’adore Pierre Cardin’s creations of the 1960′s. For Westword Whiteout Fashion Show coming January 30th, I’m calling the inspiration “Pierre Cardin Goes Pro” which incorporates a little bit of Pierre and a bit of Colorado. The photo above is from a previous show as I don’t want to spoil any surprises. Excited to be a part for an important cause, American Transplant Foundation! Click on the photo below for the link for tickets:

Westword Whiteout

And an interview by Tracie Keesee about Whiteout. Click on the fashion show photo below:


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Mona’s Designs at Frock Shop One Weekend in April (the 20th & 21st)


You’ll be able to get your  cute paws on Mona Lucero designs at a cute price. Exclusive to Denver. Fashion. Style. Fun!

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My Second Day at Denver Art Museum Designer Demos…

A Young Designer In the Making

Me, with a the Design in Process

My second day “demonstrating” design at the Denver Art Museum designer studio was really fun! It was very hard to demonstrate, though, as I got a lot of people coming in to ask questions. I explained the process of haute couture to someone who works at the Denver Art Museum. I found it surprising when a few people asked me if Yves Saint Laurent sewed everything…Hoo, boy, that would take several lifetimes of working 24 hours a day to accomplish that. Makes me think of a Brothers Grimm tale…No, Yves Saint Laurent had the best seamstresses, patternmakers and drapers working with him. All couturiers have only the best. Have trouble sewing on a button? Well, these people do not and they would sew it so perfectly that you would think they had made it as if by magic (almost).

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