Experience Mona Lucero
Art & Fashion

Artist Statement

What are the boundaries of art and fashion?

I began my career first as an artist and then as a fashion designer. Both disciplines impassioned me with the experimental spirit of the 1980’s and the punk rock influence of earlier years. I believed that anything could constitute art or fashion, an idea that was controversial then and is still debated today. 

In these wearable art pieces that I produced between 1988 and 1990, I began merging art and fashion and over the years, I’ve incorporated art and art concepts in my designs. These pieces are a reflection of their time and are still a relevant commentary on the current sociopolitical landscape. 

With each theme: the ties of love, violence and media, pop culture, Adam and Eve iconography, the joys and sorry of life… I invite viewers to simply observe and allow their own associations to surface. In these pieces, I chose to pose questions rather than to provide answers.

Each jacket was inspired by a thematic exploration of cultural, political and social currents that permeated my surroundings – ideas in the ether. I utilized the boxy structure of classic men’s jackets as a canvas. Since the jackets are oversized, they can be worn by both men and women, crossing gender. The jackets are embellished with found objects, silk and plastic flowers, painting on canvas, paper, decaying and impermanent materials, and elements typically found in a fashion studio – such as buttons, thread and safety pins. 

My belief is that the symbiosis of art and fashion can transcend the question of the boundaries of the two disciplines. In a world where lines between disciplines fade, my work is about the enduring confluence of art and fashion—a dialogue that transcends restrictions, inviting the audience to participate in the conversation.