My first day of Demos at DAM



Today was my first Designer’s Studio demonstration at the Denver Art Museum in conjunction with the YSL Retrospective. It was a long day, starting at 6:30 this morning pulling together the supplies and fabric that I had finally settled on and cutting out a “70’s Jacket” and tracing out from the pattern for my “Hollywood Glam” skirt. I had decided that I would create the jacket and skirt in front of people and begin the process of cutting out appliques, cabbage roses made from fabric, buttons and other such embellishments. I’ve done both pieces before but not with this fabric, which is actually a very fine soft  faux leather – and not with embellishments – so I’m excited to see where this idea takes me.

The actual demonstration started fast, with people already waiting for me when I walked in. There were a few design students, women who’ve sewn all their lives, mothers with daughters who are now sewing and a few girls who were very excited about the YSL show and a chance to ask a designer some questions about what it takes to be one. It was such an honor to be asked these questions. There were also a few Project runway fans and just some husbands trying to take a load off their feet. They tolerated my talking while they were relaxing!

One girl was rapturous – I could see she was on a fashion high just by looking at her flushed face. She had just been to the YSL show with her mom. I believe she was about 13 and she was wearing a Mondo Guerra t-shirt and pin and said that she had met him briefly once. Of course, I had to say I knew him. She got very excited about that. Haha! We’ve all fallen under the spell of Mondo, I guess! It’s so great to see a new generation coming with the same excitement (and probably more) than when I was that age.

One woman has gone to all the designer demonstrations so far, including Gabriel Conroy’s, Stephanie Ohnmacht’s and Kotomi Yoshida’s. She talked to me about how her stylish mother used to have custom designs created for her in the 40’s. A few local designers came in, also, and we were all new to each other.  Also one of my favorite clients with her new baby girl appropriately dressed in an empire-waist dress.

I got a little emotional when I saw the moms and daughters together. Since my own mother passed away recently, I have now fully realized how special it is to learn certain things from your mom, such as cooking and sewing. It’s a very special thing – a wonderful inheritance.

In the photos above, you’ll see the work in progress. I will continue working on the designs – definitely tomorrow and possibly for the new two weekends after that. I’m posting these photos for a few of the people who came today who expressed interest in seeing what it was all going to look like. None of the embellishments are sewn down yet, so they’re bound to change. Thank you to everyone who spent time with me today, including my genius intern, Jasmine. I’ll post more photos tomorrow.

Sartorially yours,