Mona Lucero

Pulling it Together for My Demonstration(s) at the Denver Art Museum Designers’ Studio

Mona Lucero Design Furoshiki Skirt

I’ve been thinking a lot about what kind of demonstration I might do at the Designer’s Studio  at DAM ever since I knew I was going to be doing one  – which was at least 3 or 4 months ago. Even though I get nervous at the thought of doing it, I know that ideas always come to me at the 11th hour and inevitably those ideas that start to flow are a repeat of what’s come before.

I’m no different from other designers. We repeat ourselves. And this is good. As long as the repeat changes a little bit. Like Chanel suits – how many different ways can they be recreated? Ask Karl Lagerfeld – his answer would probably be, “Infinite.” How about Jean Paul Gaultier’s sailor stripe combinations? Or McQueen’s lace?

For me, it’s about butterflies, lips, eyeballs, girly softness, ladylike with a twist and a bit of masculinity from time to time. The girl (me) can’t help it. So…in the final days before I show people my thing, I’ve come full circle – I want to incorporate art with fashion. At first I was thinking a gown, then a wedding gown with art details. Found objects, drawing, painting, my own appliques in those previously mentioned shapes. And my current, relatively new obsession, eccentric-looking cabbage roses in retro prints. Perhaps I will do that. But a gown? Maybe I’ll change that idea to a funkalicous suit.

Today I started researching, allowing other’s ideas and images to wash over me. During my research, I try to never take an idea but I allow what I see to remind me of what I’ve created or drawn before and access that part of my brain where those images are held. One of my favorite venues for this is Style. com. See my “We Heart It” set that has encouraged me to go forward with art/fashion/fashion/art at the demonstration.

Sartorially yours,


P.S. Photo above is Mona Lucero Design Skirt made from Furoshiki Scarf of Kabuki Print. Photo All Rights Reserved

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