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Ever Want to be Behind the Scenes of a Fashion Show?

Ever Want to be Behind the Scenes of a Fashion Show?

Join us here at Denver Fashion Weekend November 10, 2016!

Denver Fashion Weekend Models

For Fall/Winter Pop Line 2016: Mona went back to her first line in 1995…or was it 1994? 1993? and used the original faux fur from that line and recreated chubby jackets from back in the day! Plus, she added new shift dresses, the updated “Sedgwick” dress and bomber jackets with the words, “Peace” and “Love” emblazoned on the back. All shown at Denver Fashion Weekend. On point!

What We’ve Been Up To

What We’ve Been Up To…

Ever Have a Huge, Really Huge Project That Comes Together?

Mona Lucero Red Dress with Bows

Black and White Dress Mona Lucero

Well, Here it is.

Now you can easily buy unique and beautiful Mona Lucero designs online! What makes our line so special? Each design is created to look flattering on many body types and the fabrics are specially chosen for quality and color. Not to mention each design is original. You won’t see yourself coming and going.

Have a question about a piece? Just send an email on the contact page!