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Mona Lucero Designs in Di Moda Magazine

Describe your current designs in 3 words: Elegant, Unexpected, Mashup.


7 Mona Lucero Design Photo Kevin Alexander DiModa Mag (6)

In this ISSUU of Di Moda Magazine…You’ll find a cover story about Mona Lucero featuring photos from her accessory line including the new Little Sheep cape and Wild Thing hat. Read more about Mona’s thoughts on fashion, too. Thank you, Di Moda Magazine!

Mona Lucero Baby Bags (not for cute babies but for hot/haute babes)

These Mona Lucero Baby Bags  are not for cute babies but are for hot/haute babes. Photo by Gem Reul, model Andi T.

Mona Lucero Design Andi Model Photo Meg Reul s

My Second Day at Denver Art Museum Designer Demos…

a_young_designer_in_the_makingMy second day “demonstrating” design at the Denver Art Museum designer studio was really fun! It was very hard to demonstrate, though, as I got a lot of people coming in to ask questions. I explained the process of haute couture to someone who works at the Denver Art Museum. I found it surprising when a few people asked me if Yves Saint Laurent sewed everything…Hoo, boy, that would take several lifetimes of working 24 hours a day to accomplish that. Makes me think of a Brothers Grimm tale…No, Yves Saint Laurent had the best seamstresses, patternmakers and drapers working with him. All couturiers have only the best. Have trouble sewing on a button? Well, these people do not and they would sew it so perfectly that you would think they had made it as if by magic (almost). Continue Reading →

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